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Date Title
2024-02-21 Gold Partners wishes you a Happy New Year of the Dragon
2023-12-22 Winter solstice gathering
2023-07-20 Gold Partners was in discussions with foreign investment funds to explore collaborative opportunities
2023-07-11 共商北外灘發展 虹口區委統戰部領導會見高柏副總裁
2023-06-26 Gold Partners Hong Kong Head Office has been relocated to Taikoo Place
2023-01-21 Gold Partners China wishes you a Happy New Year of the Rabbit
2022-01-31 Gold Partners China wishes you a Happy New Year of the Tiger
2022-01-19 Gold Partners China was recognized as an outstanding company in the publication of the Shanghai Corporate Social Responsibility Report
2021-11-30 中共上海市虹口區委杜松全副書記一行蒞臨高柏中國考察調研
2021-09-21 Mid-Autumn Festival Greetings
2021-05-28 Gold Partners expanded its workforce in three locations
2021-03-30 Gold Partners received the "Best Financial Service in the Greater Bay Area" award
2021-02-11 Gold Partners China wishes you a Happy New Year of the Ox
2020-09-23 Energetic Youth: The impressive team spirit of Gold Partners in the Northwest Region
2020-09-09 Gold Partners supports and aids schools in the border areas of Xinjiang
2020-01-23 Gold Partners wishes you a Happy Chinese New Year.
2019-10-25 Gold Partners was awarded Top 10 foreign-invested digital service providers in China
2018-12-11 Gold Partners (China) Nanchang Branch Expands
2018-10-23 Multiple branchs of Gold Partners (China) has expanded!
2018-08-23 Gold Partners (China) Hefei Branch Expands
2018-08-10 Gold Partners Legal Seminar on Resolving Cross-border Commercial Dispute
2018-07-01 Gold Partners (China) participated as the representative of Shanghai enterprises in the 19th China Qinghai•Green Development Investment and Trade Fair
2018-05-25 Quanzhou Branch moved to new location
2018-05-18 Shenzhen Branch moved to new location
2018-03-22 The largest non-performing asset acquisition fund in the United States negotiates cooperation with Gold Partners
2018-02-14 Gold Partners (China) Suzhou and Zhengzhou Branch Expands
2017-10-26 Shanghai company was awarded a certificate of social responsibility report
2017-10-17 Shanghai company was awarded the honorary certificate of civilized unit of Hongkou District
2017-08-01 Gold Partners Kaohsiung Branch Expands
2017-04-20 Gold Partners China was invited to Beijing to participate in the "International Conference on Personal Information Protection and Credit Management" sponsored by PBOC, IFC and APEC China Business Council.
2017-03-01 Awarded “2016 Key Enterprise Contribution Award” by Shanghai Hongkou District Government
2017-01-07 Gold Partners Hong Kong Head Office Outdoor Development Activities
2016-11-28 Gold Partners China was invited to Mongolia to attend the World Bank Group International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the Mongolian Banking Association (MBA)
2016-11-15 Lo Ka Yu, deputy chief executive officer of Gold Partners Group, and Ma Tsz Chung, manager of Gold Partners (China) Fuzhou Branch
2016-11-14 Gold Partners (China) Ningxia Office moved to expand
2016-10-29 Gold Partners (China) Shanghai Branch Autumn Group Building Activities
2016-09-10 Gold Partners (China) Fuzhou Branch Mid-Autumn Festival Tour
2016-08-22 Gold Partners (China) Suzhou Branch Expansion
2016-07-30 Gold Partners (China) Hefei Branch Summer Travel
2016-07-25 Gold Partners (China) Nanchang Branch moved to expand
2016-07-18 Gold Partners (China) Chongqing Branch moved to expand
2016-07-11 Gold Partners (China) Chengdu Branch moved to expand
2016-07-06 Gold Partners sponsors the Asia Weekly 2016 Hong Kong Book Fair Special Issue
2016-07-04 Gold Partners (China) Nanjing Branch Expansion
2016-07-01 Gold Partners representatives visited the Xihu District Federation of Industry and Commerce in Hangzhou
2016-06-23 Gold Partners Electronic Newsletter (May 2016 issue)
2016-06-20 Gold Partners (China) Shanghai Branch Expansion
2016-06-09 Gold Partners (China) Guangzhou Branch Expansion
2016-05-02 Gold Partners (China) Fuzhou Branch moved to expand
2016-04-29 Gold Partners (China) Hefei Branch moved to expand
2015-08-14 Gold Partners Electronic Newsletter (September 2015 issue)
2014-08-15 Gold Partners (China) Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. officially opened
2014-05-06 RMB 100,000 Donation to the Elderly
2014-04-15 Cooperation Intention Reached with COAMC
2014-04-09 Key Corporate Taxpayer Contribution Award
2014-03-25 Scholarship Donation for poor students
2014-03-06 PBOC Bureau Deputy Director Visit GPCH
2014-02-10 New Acquisition of PRC Headquarters in Shanghai
2014-01-05 RMB 1 Million Donation For New Tuji Village
2013-12-31 Deputy GM of GP Taiwan Branch Appointed as Chairman of Lions Club
2013-11-14 Euler Hermes Europe Management Visit GPCH
2013-06-27 Gold Partners respond to CITIC, Hong Kong and Dongguan Electronics Industry Association invited to co-organize the "Into ASEAN" seminar
2013-05-29 Gold Partners was invited to give a lecture with the Hong Kong Japanese Business Association
2013-04-01 Gold Partners Anhui Branch was awarded the “Tax Credit Rating Certificate” by the Anhui Provincial State Taxation Bureau.
2013-01-09 Gold Partners was invited to provide receivables management training for Deloitte Corporate Restructuring Department
2012-11-30 Shanghai Branch was awarded the "2012 Annual Taxpayer Contribution Award" by the Hongkou District People's Government
2012-11-30 Gold Partners Taiwan Branch and Taiwan Electric Power Association jointly held the "Mainland Investment Management Seminar"