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Credit risk management

While encouraging consumption on the part of their customers, financial institutions should first do a good job of managing the credit risk, optimizing assets as well as reducing and preventing the growth of non-performing loans (NPLs).
Gold Partners has been long-term business partner with financial institutions in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. We are specialized in assisting our clients to curb bad debts and preserve asset quality through various measures including formulating credit risk management policies and the disposal of non-performing assets.

(1) Prevention of bad debts
Better process design, threshold setting and approval criteria setting could substantially limit bad debts. We can assist our clients in devising effective mechanisms to prevent the formation of non-performing assets.

(2) Suppressing the growth of bad debts
Whenever bad debts crop up, our well-trained credit management teams could assist our clients to recover receivables, minimizing the write-offs and turning doubtful debts to usable assets.
(3) Effective management of bad debts
Once bad debts are identified, our solid experience enable us to provide professional advices on selecting and managing outsourced recovering agencies. If required, we can offer suggestions and solutions for the segmented or categorized packaging of non-performing assets to prevent the further deterioration of these assets.

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