Corporate Social Responsibility

Enhance education development

Education is the basic investment of society. Through a variety of programs, we try to bring more children the opportunity to be educated and help them develop a sound personality and good moral character. These children grow up to be future pillars of society, pass on the care and drive the continuous improvement of society will be the best rewards we long to see.
  • Designated scholarship for Chinese Studies offered by the Dharmasthiti Group (2017)
  • Charity auction in the Dharmasthiti Group in which the fund was donated to a school in the west of Guangdong (2016) 
  • Gold Partners Scholarship for "Future Star" programme organised by Commission on Poverty HKSAR (2014)
  • Sponsorship of the construction and development of Zaozhuang City Xingguo Hope Primary School in Shandong province (since 1998)
  • Sponsorship of Chunlei Education & Poverty Alleviation Project (2003-2009)
  • World Vision Hong Kong: China orphanage education Project (1995-2008)
  • Sponsorship of the construction of a primary school academic building in Hainan province (2007)
  • School construction program in Baisha County, Hainan province (2007)
  • Glory Hainan Province Poor Students Sponsorship Project  (2004)
  • Sowers Action China Fundamental Education Funding Project (1996-2000)
  • Fundraising for the construction of Ying Wa College’s new campus and Alumni Association Charitable Foundation (since 1996)