Scope of Services

International commercial legal support services

Since the early 1990s, Gold Partners has established with our oversea affiliates a solid and reliable network covering but not limited to London, Zurich, Belgium, Poland, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Sydney, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver, Toronto, Tokyo, Seoul and Singapore.
Our fees are reasonable and we can effectively handle receivables in arrears. The overseas partners we selected are all prudent, professional and with good track records, so we can prevent the deterioration of the credit risk of our clients.
Our international affiliates network:

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【Successful Cases】Cross-Strait Commercial Litigation

So far, Gold Partners has successfully handled a number of major cases in commercial bad debt litigation involving Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the mainland.

In one case in Dongguan where many Taiwan companies are doing bsuiness, Gold Partners, upon accepting the assignment, first sent in its Gongguan team to carry out on-site investigation. This was followed by the joint filing of the case and the initiation of lawsuit by legal teams from Hong Kong and the mainland. After three sessions of hearing, the Dongguan Intermediate People’s Court returned a judgment of first instance in which the debtor company was required to make a payment of USD4 million in payables to the Taiwan company. In addition to the fact that it gets the Taiwan company a well deserved judgment, this case has two points of deeper significance:

  • The fact that the winning party in this lawsuit is a Taiwan company has boosted the confidence of Taiwan companies doing business in China. Because of the differences in legal systems across the Strait, many Taiwan companies have been at a loss in dealing with bad debts. Now that a proper channel has been opened, they are more confident in conducting their business, knowing that they can resort to us for professional help in case they have to deal with bad debts.
  • The debtor company was in fact a listed Korean leading corporation and also a major taxpayer in Dongguan. The winning judgment in this case goes a long way of alleviating the concern of Taiwan companies on local protectionism.