Corporate Social Responsibility


Since established, Gold Partners always upholds a positive, proactive and progressive attitude derived from the essence of the Chinese traditional virtues. "Heaven keeps vigor through movement, a superior man should unremittingly practice self-improvement (天行健,君子以自強不息)", wrote Zhou Yi (周易). We embrace a mutuaully supportive environment that every parties of us could be better equipped for their future.

Further we extend our positive attitude outside the company into the society. The famous ancient book Confusian Analects (論語) wrote, "Help others to take their stand and achieve while we ourselves wish to take our stand and achieve (已欲立而立人,己欲達而己人)". As part of the society, we hope more parties will join hands with us and create a better future.

Gold Partners maintains a corporate social responsibility viewpoint of working towards comprehensive and sustainable development. On a people-oriented basis, we will always pay all-round attention to the citizens, the natural environment, the underprivileged, industry orders as well as staff development.
Since Gold Partners was founded, we have been adhering to the principle of “righteous profiting” (利以義取). We are sincere in serving and striving to excel. We uphold the superior virtues of traditional Chinese culture and attach much importance to ethics and honesty.
We always strive to provide reliable and professional services, and attain further improvement through continuous assessment.

The Chinese term for charity consists of two characters: chi ( 慈, benevolence) and shan ( 善, kindness). While benevolence entails being compassionate at all times, kindness involves reaching out to the needy. We have always been conscientious in undertaking corporate social responsibility to repay society by voluntarily participating in social welfare causes related to education, culture, disaster relief, medical aids. So far, we have donated more than RMB10 million to charities.