Scope of Services

Sales & marketing

With years of experience in promotion of consumer credit products, we make use of our nationwide call centers and provide clients with tailor-made solutions in product design and development, reducing the operation costs and boosting effectiveness.
Call Centre Services
Gold Partners have solid experience in call centre operation and a strong management system. Based on the call list provided by clients, we can tailor-make supporting services that suit our clients' specific needs. Our services includes:

(1) Tele-marketing:
  • After-sales promotion
  • Membership application / renewal promotion
  • Reactivate inactive accounts
  • Customer Retention
(2) Others:
  • Questionnaire survey
  • Product / service hotline
  • Appointment / ticketing

Market Research

Opinions from users is always a good way to understand how the market receives your products or services, and to seek ways to increase your sales and marketing effect. Gold Partners provide comprehensive market research services from designing questionnaire to conducting surveys to analyzing results. We provide customized services that suit every client's specific needs.

Information verification

Applicants' information provided when they apply for consumer credit products from financial institutions are to be verified before and after the application is approved. With our sound and highly-secured operation system, Gold Partners has been assisting a number of financial institutions in conducting information verification. We can customize a verification program according to the client's requests and provide report on our findings.


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