Competitive Edges

Tight and sound security monitoring

Gold Partners set up its own stringent IT security policy and monitoring system early in 2000. Apart from the network intrusion prevention system and the anti-virus services system, we also invest substantially on disaster preparedness projects, including restructuring the network structure and establishing independently operated disaster preparedness centers, to eliminate any possible risks to the company.
Our internal audit team regularly reviews and perfects the IT procedures and staff authorities. We also utilize the latest technology in our operation such as the GPS locating system.
Our IT security measures include:
  • Anti-virus definitions are updated on an hourly basis and scheduled virus scanning and removal are carried out
  • All data in the databases are encrypted. Data are encrypted and zipped before transmission over the Internet.
  • The World's top software is employed to ensure we only receive virus-free emails.
  • Usage of portable storage equipment and USB tools are prohibited.
  • Malicious websites are blocked; Internet access rights are controlled to prevent data leakage through the Internet.
  • Printing by the general staff is not permitted unless it is job-related and approval is given.