Corporate Social Responsibility

Support disaster relief

Natural calamities and disasters brings grief and irreparable pain. Gold Partners always tries our best to provide timely assistance to those struggling in extreme misery, to relieve their pain by extending our warmth and love. In the same world we live, we deeply understand the importance of care and sharing. We have been and will be continuing our effort in planting the seeds of care in the communities.
  • Donation for post-disaster relocation and reconstruction of a village in Hainan (2014)
  • Construction of water cellar for a primary school in remote area of Yunnan province (2011)
  • Support Chinese calligraphy charity auction for sponsorship to poor students (2011)
  • Hainan flood relief (2010)
    • Reconstruction of the academic building for Qionghai City Yangjiang Town Red Army Primary School
    • Relocation of a village in Damao Town, Wanning City, Hainan province
  • Taiwan 8/8 Typhoon Relief (2009)
  • Fundraising for Snowstorm in Southern China (2008)
  • Sichuan Wenchuan Earthquake Relief (2008)
  • Taiwan 9/21 Earthquake Relief (1999)